Welcome to Analogue Soul!

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Hey everyone!

Thanks for stopping by Analogue Soul! It’s an exciting time here as we launch our first set of products, which are now available in the store in the form of the Quicksilver B&W preset pack. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get incredible looking monochrome images in Lightroom, this is the pack for you.

© Joe Payne Photography

Although its genesis comes from wedding and portrait photography, Quicksilver is designed for photographers of all genres who want to make their monochrome images stand apart from the crowd. From quick and easy edits using the ‘Basics’ panel, through to truly authentic film emulation and toning effects, Quicksilver’s 90+ effects have you covered.

© Vesic Photography

We have lots of great things in the pipeline with the Quickgold colour presets, which are having the finishing touches put to them as I write. From there, we will be tackling lots more great projects to help our users get the most from their images quickly so they can get back out from behind the computer and back out taking pictures! Feel free to sign up for our newsletter, like our Facebook pageor join our user group to stay informed. Exciting things are coming!

© Megapixie Photography

Before I wrap this first post, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all my photographers and friends who have provided me with much needed help, support and advice to bring Analogue Soul together: Rachel Shomsky, Susan Stripling, Annemie Tonken, Jeff Ascough, Hooman Bahrani, Richard Israel, Riley MacLean, Parker J Pfister and the good people at Richard Photo Lab and Southeastern Camera. I owe you all an adult beverage or two!

© Richard Israel

Finally, a huge thank you to my patient, talented and beautiful wife, Cristel, who has offered me endless support and encouragement along the way. Love you, babe!

Thanks again for stopping by. Have fun with the presets. I look forward to seeing the results and hearing your feedback!